We have divided this section into three different categories: Community, Scholar and Youth Videos. In the Community section we have variety of artists, researchers, pioneer families, and respected storytellers who relate to us aspects of the Komagata Maru that have influenced their lives. The Scholars section speaks to prominent academics who have dedicated years of study and rigorous research to analyzing the Komagata Maru event and its after effects. The Youth profiles look at several young South Asians and how their work or artistic expression relates to the Komagata Maru or their identities as second-generation youth living in Canada. The Community and Scholar interviews have been kept in their entirety as well as edited into shorter segments. You can navigate through each video by viewing the title card associated with it and seeing the thematic topics that each discusses. This section also contains a rare documentary entitled The Voyage of Shattered Dreams that features rare interviews and archival material associated with the Komagata Maru

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