Ephemera/ Miscellaneous

This category is for items that defy categorization. The word ephermera is defined as things that are temporary and not meant to be kept. When they are kept however, they provide a look into the everyday lives of people, their daily habits, their business interests, or the popular culture of the day. For instance one of the items here is a share certificate for the Guru Nanak Mining and Trust Company. Scholars have written about this company and its importance but seeing the actual certificate, the handwriting, the border design, the insignia all of it provides a deeper level of connection to the lives of people of the past. You can click on each item thumbnail below to see a larger version. For certain documents, hover over particular parts of it to see its connection to other documents and events. At the bottom of the larger version is a link to “View Details”. Here you can find a higher resolution version of the item, see detailed bibliographic information and (if applicable) view the multiple pages of documents associated with the item.

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