Series 5: Dr. Gurdev Singh Gill - Videos ➔ [Video of the Indo-Canadian Friendship Society of BC]


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ICFSBC Village by Village
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Video detailing the work of the Indo-Canadian Friendship Society of BC (ICFSBC). In 1976, Dr. Gill founded the Indo-Canadian Friendship Society of BC. Initially focused on improving community relations in Canada, from the mid-1990s the organization has set its sights on improving living conditions for rural communities in Punjab. Since India’s sanitation is recognized as among the worst in the world, the projects have focused on providing clean, running drinking water, and building underground sewage systems and wastewater treatment plants. The result is a marked decrease in disease – especially gastroenteritis, responsible for 400,000 deaths in India annually. Starting with Kharoudi village, where Gill was born, projects were carried out in over 16 communities at a cost of approximately $3M. As well as improved sanitation, they have introduced solar street lighting and computer education in schools. Along with the health benefits, Gill is happy to report improvements in gender equality, education, governance and employment. Gill achieved all this with grassroots support, fending off corruption by insisting on as much transparency in the process as possible and keeping costs low. This video showcases some of his work.
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