International Woodworkers of America Collection

Fonds/Collection, 2023_07

The International Woodworkers of America is an industrial union for lumber, sawmill and timber transportation workers founded in 1937. In British Columbia, the IWA was at the forefront of the fight for worker’s rights, and South Asian Canadian lumber workers played a pivotal role in this historic struggle. The International Woodworkers of America Collection chronicles the exploits of these proud union members over six decades from 1936 to 1996. This collection of photographs and publication excerpts offers an in-depth, nuanced showcase of union life, detailing both the good times and the bad. These records recount victories, celebrations, and moments of camaraderie and fraternity alongside strikes, lockouts, and accounts of Cold War paranoia, discrimination, and even conflict with other unions. The items in this collection are provided to SACDA by the Kaatza Station Museum and Archives.