Where are the Women Exhibit collection

Fonds/Collection, 2022_05

Throughout history, women's history is in stark contrast with their male counterparts; this is no different in South Asian women's immigration stories. 'Where Are the Women' collection tells four South Asian women's stories who were separated from their husbands for numerous years before joining them in Canada; eventually, they all found a home in the Fraser Valley. Each woman's story occurred at different times, but they all had the same goal: reuniting their families once again. Bhagwant Kaur had to part with her husband, Indar Singh, from 1934 to 1938. Kartar Kaur endured 17 heartbreaking years, from 1930 to 1947, without the support of her husband, Indar Singh. Bachan Kaur's husband, Sarwan Singh, was in Canada for 12 years before she joined him. Surjit Kaur lived in India for six years until her husband, Gurdev Singh, was able to sponsor her. With determination, the four women tirelessly worked to make their place in Canada and provide their children with an easier life. These four women represent countless South Asian immigration journeys.